Air Canada suspends flights to Calgary from Saskatchewan in 2023

Air Canada suspends flights to Calgary from Saskatchewan in 2023

In the new year, travelers wishing to fly from Saskatchewan to Calgary will not be able to board an Air Canada flight.

In an emailed statement, Air Canada said it has made changes to flights to and from Calgary and is working to rebuild “our business in a prudent and disciplined manner,” which means reviewing all aspects of our network and our spread where the resources will be. the most fruitful.”

The statement says Air Canada has decided to “strategically focus” on its core hubs: Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

“As a result, we have made the difficult decision to suspend several regional routes from Calgary Airport.” The change will take effect in mid-January.

Flights departing from Regina and Saskatoon will experience delays.

The airline clarified that it will “continue to fly to all communities where it currently operates”. In Saskatoon and Regina, this means Air Canada flights to and from Vancouver and Toronto.

Justin Reves, customer experience manager for the Regina Airport Authority, called the decision by the country’s largest airline “disappointing news.”

Air Canada operates one to two flights daily from the Regina airport, Reves said.

“We still have good capacity for Calgary, but now it will be with an airline,” he explained.

WestJet operates about three to five non-stop flights to Calgary each day, increasing the total to five or six in March.

The flight disruption will affect future seat capacity, however, as well as loyal Air Canada customers who prefer that airline or people traveling to or from Calgary to reach another destination.

Those who use the airline for business travel – to places like the central United States – may also face more difficulties in the future, with longer flights and reduced capacity.

“I’m sure there will be people who have already planned their trips, who may not be happy that they’re being diverted from a destination,” Reves said.

He said Air Canada is in the process of rebuilding its network as it manages the labor shortage since COVID-19 determines what works and what doesn’t in its business model.

“I think they’re looking at what makes the most sense for their business as they rebuild,” Reves said, adding that he expects the flight suspension to be a temporary move by the airline. “But it’s definitely a difficult spring.”

There’s no official word yet on whether another airline will make up for those missed flights, but Reves hopes Air Canada’s move could open the door to other low-cost airlines like Swoop, Flair or Lynx. Road to Regina Airport.

Less competitive environments have historically been attractive to these airlines, Reves noted.

“I’m sure there will be disappointed customers who are now presented with (fewer) options,” he said.

Saskatoon Airport vice president of business development, CJ Dushinski, expressed disappointment with Air Canada’s decision.

He said network carriers must make the best decisions they can as they recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, but the move will have implications for Saskatoon.

“It’s a big loss for us,” he said.

As in Regina, only WestJet will be available for flights between Saskatoon and Calgary. Those roughly six flights a day will still serve the airport and its customers well, but there are limits.

“There really isn’t that option in carriers,” Dushinski said.

The Saskatoon airport will also be financially impacted by the loss of revenue associated with the number of seats on the twice-daily Air Canada flights between Saskatoon and Calgary.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story has been amended to clarify when Air Canada’s decision will go into effect.

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