Alexa helps Siri avoid last place in the MKBHD smartphone voice assistant test [Video]

Alexa helps Siri avoid last place in the MKBHD smartphone voice assistant test [Video]

Alexa helps Siri avoid last place in the MKBHD smartphone voice assistant test [Video]

Siri is not the worst voice assistant on the phone today, according to MKBHD. In his latest video, Marques Brownlee conducts a four-way test between Siri and its competitors to see how voice assistants compare in 2022.

The voice of the voice assistant is the continuation of a similar test divided in 2017. Five years later, MKBHD still crowns Google Assistant with the first place, while Amazon Alexa ranks worse. After all, this is a smartphone test and not a smart speaker comparison. If only the Fire phone hadn’t burned, right?

So what’s stopping Siri from being the best voice assistant in the MKBHD test? It all depends on the timers and follow-up questions.

Siri on the HomePod and even the Apple Watch can handle multiple timers, but Siri’s main domain on the iPhone has a mind with one timer in 2022. Makes sense… no one ever said. Using multiple timers with voice control on a smartphone is just the norm for Google Assistant. Fair enough!

According to the test, Siri and Google Assistant are competitive when it comes to speed, although Siri and Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant lag more than Assistant and Alexa.

All four assistants excel at answering facts when prompted with a specific question. However, it’s the following questions that bother Bixby and Alexa the most. Siri and Assistant are competitive when it comes to asking questions in conversation, but MKBHD’s test shows that Assistant is able to retain context longer than Siri.

Siri also falls short when it comes to controlling the device. Google Assistant and Samsung’s Bixby are able to start voice recordings and play a specific show on Netflix. Siri seems to just launch the relevant apps without taking any further steps.

Perhaps surprising is Siri’s lack of cooperation when you ask her to take a selfie. Google Assistant launches the camera app, switches to the front-facing camera, and starts a countdown before taking the photo. Siri launches the camera despite Voice Control being fully capable of running the Camera app on the iPhone.

For Siri, expanding multiple timer support for the iPhone is the lowest of the low-hanging fruit. Siri’s tuning to understand questions in context is objectively something that needs to be improved. Otherwise, Siri comes out strong and is certainly best for people in the Apple ecosystem.

What is your experience with competing voice assistants? Voice your thoughts in the comments below!

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