Apple’s future iPhones and Macs will use TSMC chips made in Arizona

Apple’s future iPhones and Macs will use TSMC chips made in Arizona

You didn’t have to wait long to get confirmation from Apple Domestic chip plans. Company president Tim Cook has open that Apple will Buy chips Made in the upcoming TSMC plant in Phoenix, Arizona. While Cook didn’t say how these chips will be used, the 4- and 3-nanometer parts are expected to find their way into next-generation iPhones, Macs, and other flagship products. Apple is currently TSMC’s largest customer.

Production is expected to begin at the Phoenix facility in 2024 follow the plant It is expected in 2026 due to increased demand. Combined, they’ll make about 600,000 wafer chips a year. TSMC is spending $40 billion on the plants, but they will be supported in part by the government through Chips and the law of science It aims to stimulate semiconductor manufacturing in the United States.

Intel is also building plants in Arizona and Ohio. He plans to serve as a foundry for other companies Looking to outsource chip production, has expressed interest in making components for Apple. Whether or not that happens may depend on Intel’s ability to keep up with foundries like TSMC, which often drive the push into next-generation chip making operations.

The output will represent only a small part of TSMC’s total capabilities. CNBC He points out that the Taiwanese company manufactured 12 million chips in 2020 alone. The National Economic Council estimates that should be sufficient to meet US demand. can relieve Shortage of chipsCreate jobs and reduce US dependence on foreign production.

While the plants won’t be running for two years, news of the expansion is timely. Apple warned iPhone 14 Pro manufacturing setbacks Because of China’s policies on COVID-19. In theory, the US facilities would have lessened the impact of those restrictions. Although many parts can still be manufactured abroad even after TSMC’s expansion, chances are soon that Apple devices will arrive at your door just in time.

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