China angry with America’s new defense law, Taiwan happy

China angry with America’s new defense law, Taiwan happy

SHANGHAI/TAIPEI, Dec 24 (Reuters) – China expressed anger on Saturday at a new US defense authorization law that caps military aid to Taiwan, while Taipei called for its use to help boost the island’s security. Appreciated.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement that China, which democratically regards Taiwan as its territory, expressed “strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition” to the US National Defense Authorization Act.

it said $858 billion military spending Measure that authorizes up to $10 billion in security assistance and rapid arms purchases Taiwancontained provisions that “came to serious harm to peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait”.

China has never given up on using force to bring Taiwan under its control. Taiwan strongly disputes China’s claims to sovereignty, saying only the island’s 23 million people can decide their own future.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry expressed its thanks for the US legislation, saying it reflected the importance Washington attached to Taiwan-US relations and strengthening the island’s security.

Taipei will discuss the details of the act with Washington and “gradually advance the budget formulation and actual disbursement of various Taiwan-friendly provisions”, the ministry said, without elaborating.

The United States is Taiwan’s most important international supporter and arms supplier, despite the absence of formal diplomatic relations. US arms sales to Taiwan continue to sour Beijing’s relations with Washington.

Taiwan’s military is dwarfed by that of its huge neighbor, China. Its air force has come under strain, especially in the past three years from repeated scrambles to fend off Chinese incursions near the island.

The defense law included an amendment prohibiting the US government from purchasing products using computer chips made by a group of Chinese companies.

China’s foreign ministry said, “The case ignores facts to exaggerate the ‘China threat’, interfere in China’s internal affairs and attack and defame the Chinese Communist Party, Which are serious political provocations for China.”

Reporting by Josh Horwitz and Roger Tung; Writing by Ben Blanchard; Editing by Edmund Kleimann and William Mallard

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