Delta people are running operations safely through the storm

Delta people are running operations safely through the storm

Editor’s note: This article, originally published at 1:30 PM Tuesday, was updated later that day, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 3:45 PM with new information.

Delta teams work on the flight deck, in the cabins of airports, and behind the scenes safely through the challenges of weather.

Although limited flight cancellations occurred on Thursday among the 4,400 Delta and Delta Connection scheduled flights, they are being made in advance of the scheduled departure time in order to give customers time to weigh options before heading to the airport.

Additional cancellations will be necessary on Friday as the storm continues to affect operations in Detroit and the Northeast

The decision to cancel flights is never something Delta takes lightly, especially during the holiday travel season. But the safety of our customers and employees is of the utmost importance.

Earlier this week, Delta issued weather warnings due to the expected course of winter weather. These warnings enable customers to rebook their travel for a later date. Current warnings and updated information can be found at

While there are challenges that come with running an airline during wintry weather conditions, Delta employees remain steadfast in our commitment to safety and getting customers where they need to be as quickly as possible as operations at affected airports recover.

Here are three things customers should keep in mind if their travel is affected:

  • Automatic rebooking: If a flight is cancelled, Delta will attempt to automatically rebook affected customers onto the next available flight to get customers to where they are going and reduce delays.
  • Itinerary updates: Delta will send updates about itinerary changes directly to a mobile device or by email. To enable this connection, please provide contact information at the time of booking or add it online via My Trips.
  • Self-service, serve yourself: Customers are encouraged to download and use FlyDelta app or visit To check their flight status and manage rebooking through convenient self-service options.

Customers are encouraged to check the status of their flights online or the Fly Delta Mobile App. Customers can also get updates sent directly to their mobile device or via email One-time flight notification.

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