Did the weather ruin your vacation plans? Here’s what to do if your flight is canceled – Canada News

Did the weather ruin your vacation plans? Here’s what to do if your flight is canceled – Canada News

Thousands of people’s holiday plans have been disrupted as bad weather forces the cancellation of large chunks of flights across the country.

Here are some frequently asked questions and tips on what to do if this happens to you:

Q: My flight has been cancelled. Should I call the airline?

A: No. The airlines are very stressed right now because you are unlikely to get it. In fact, WestJet recommends that customers only call the contact center to make changes to a confirmed reservation; if your flight has been canceled and you want to reschedule, they won’t be able to help you.

Q: So what should I do? Just sit?

A: Basically, yes. If an alternative flight option is available, your airline will send you an email. But the demand for travel is so high and so many flights have been canceled that there may not be any replacement flights available.

Q: Okay, so I’ve given up on coming home for Christmas. Can I get my money back?

A: Yes. If your flight is cancelled, your airline will email you with refund information. Additionally, you may decide to proactively cancel your travel plans; Both of Canada’s major airlines offer goodwill refund policies that allow you to request a refund or travel voucher if you booked travel between now and December 26. Information is available on your carrier’s website. website

Q: But what if I’m already in transit and encounter delays?

A: If you are stranded at an airport waiting for a connecting flight, Canadian passenger rights law requires your airline to accommodate you in a hotel. For this particular situation, as a “goodwill gesture,” WestJet says it will provide a three-day lodging refund, up to $150 per night, to any guest staying in a connecting city in Canada.

Q: I reached my destination, but my luggage didn’t. What should I do?

A: You can file a lost and delayed baggage report at your airline’s baggage service counter, or some airlines also allow you to file a report online. It is best not to try to return to the airport for your bags; Your airline will deliver it to you once located.

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