Got a new iPhone? Here are 12 tips and tricks to master it

Got a new iPhone?  Here are 12 tips and tricks to master it

Got a new iPhone? Here are 12 tips and tricks to master it

The holidays are here, and you may have just got a new iPhone (or IPAD) for Christmas. If so, you are in luck! This is a great technology that you have now, and it will definitely last for a long time – five years at leastif the latest trends continue.

But if this is your first iPhone or iPad, and you’ve never used it, or maybe you’re switching from Android, don’t worry! Figuring it all out can be a little tricky, but here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your shiny new iPhone.

1. Set up your Apple ID

Christine Romero Chan/Digital Trends

When you take that iPhone or iPad out of the box and turn it on, one of the first things you will be prompted to do is do so Create or sign in to your Apple ID. While it is not actual requirementsWithout one, you won’t get much out of your iPhone or iPad.

The Apple ID basically acts as the key to everything Apple, including services like iMessage, FaceTime, iCloud, Find My iPhone, Apple Music, apps, games, and much more. So if you don’t already have an Apple ID, it will Highly recommended to create one. Also, be sure to keep a record of your Apple ID credentials, as they can be It is difficult to get back into your account If you are blocked from too many failed login attempts.

2. Launch Find My iPhone

Got a new iPhone?  Here are 12 tips and tricks to master it
Jesse Hollington/Digital Trends

Again, the Apple ID is crucial as it is required for use Find my iPhone. This is a security feature that allows you to track the location of your iPhone or iPad if it is lost or stolen. Even better, you can remotely wipe the device and even leave a message on the device so that whoever has it contacts you to return it.

When you set up an Apple ID, turning on Find My iPhone should be part of the setup process. But you can also turn it on manually if you want to set it up later. Either way, don’t forget to set up Find My iPhone! Better safe than sorry.

3. Fill out your Medical ID

All health data in the Apple Health app.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

Nobody wants to be in an emergency situation, but life takes turns sometimes, and things happen. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you fill out your Medical ID on your iPhone.

With Medical ID, first responders will be able to find useful information related to your health when you are in a medical emergency. This includes medical conditions, blood types, allergies, whether or not you’re an organ donor, and more. It’s also where you can list your emergency contacts.

To do this, go to Settings > Health > Medical ID. Alternatively, you can do it from a file Health app Also.

4. Always backup your iPhone

Three iPhones showing iCloud Backups settings.
Jesse Hollington/Digital Trends

Once you have the basics set up that I mentioned above, the next step is to make sure they are always there Back up your phone. I can’t stress this enough – I support it. Whether it’s manual or automatic – or even both – always make sure your data is backed up. You never know what might happen, and again, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Your iPhone will accumulate a lot of precious data and memories over time, and trust me, you don’t want to lose any of that.

There are several ways Back up your iPhone or iPad: manually using a computer (both Mac or PC work), or with automatic iCloud backups. Personally, I’ve been using iCloud backups for a few years because they’re automatic, and you don’t have to worry about them; It’s how I get my data back when I upgrade iPhones every year. But you need to make sure you have enough iCloud space to do this. If you do a manual backup with your computer, I also recommend that you encrypt the backup, which also means including other, more sensitive data, such as health information and passwords.

5. Personalize your Control Center

Brightness slider on iPhone 14 Pro Max.
Joe Maring/Digital Trends

One of the most useful features of iOS is Control Center. It’s a panel of common and frequent settings and app shortcuts — like Wi-Fi, cell, brightness, volume, rotation lock, flashlight, camera, low power mode, and more. Control Center can be accessed from anywhere, even when you’re in other apps, though there is a setting to make it accessible only on the home screen.

I often use Control Center dozens of times throughout the day. It is very easy to use, and you can modify it to your liking with different controls. To do this, go to Settings > Control Center. Want to add a shortcut to Shazam? Maybe a button to quickly start a stopwatch? Apple’s customization tools allow you to do just that.

6. Prevent autocorrect from skewing your words

iPhone 14 Pro settings menu.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

Autocorrect can be good if you’re in a hurry, but more often than not, it tends to mess up your words and turn them into something completely different. The text replacement feature is great for when you know you want to type a specific word the autocorrect always changes to “ducking” instead.

To add all the text alternatives you wish, go to Settings > General > Keyboards > Text Replacement.

7. Get haptic feedback as you type

Typing on iPhone 14 Plus.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

I often have iPhone 14 Pro Silent all day because I prefer not to disturb my 1 year old son, especially during naps. I also don’t like hearing ringtones going off all the time. But having my iPhone on silent means no more audio feedback when typing, which I don’t like either.

iOS 16 Recently added capacity On-screen keyboard for tactile feedback. This means that you get a bit of tactile feedback every time you tap a letter on the keyboard, something Android devices have been able to do for a long time. So even if your iPhone is on silent mode, you’ll still know that the On-Screen Keyboard is actually working.

To turn on keyboard haptic feedback, go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Keyboard Feedback.

The dynamic island on iPhone 14 Pro Max.
Joe Maring/Digital Trends

Do you ever keep scrolling on your favorite social media app, like Instagram? And then you realize that you scroll down too much, and it hurts to go back to the top to refresh? Fortunately, there is a shortcut that will get you back to the top in no time.

Simply tap on the top of the screen, around the status bar area on your iPhone. It works like the home key on your keyboard, and will instantly take you back to the top of whatever app you’re in. That’s all there is to this tip, and you’ll be glad to have it under your belt — trust me.

9. Switch between LTE and 5G when necessary

iPhone 14 Pro showing Cellular settings
Christine Romero Chan/Digital Trends

Although the latest iPhones are capable of this Fifth generation network Cellular data, 5G reliability is far from perfect. I have T-Mobile, and sometimes 5G is inconvenient, even if my device is showing multiple bars. This is when I turn off 5G and go back to good old 4G/LTE, which is much more reliable.

To do this, go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Voice & Data. From there you can choose 5G operation or 5G caror LTE. The difference between 5G On and 5G Auto is that the on option uses 5G whenever possible, even if it reduces battery life. 5G Auto 5G is only used when it doesn’t have a significant impact on battery life.

Another option I would like to consider is data mode. You can allow more data on 5G when it’s enabled, standard settings for automatic updates and background tasks, but it limits video quality and FaceTime, or low data mode, which pauses automatic updates and background tasks.

Again, you may want to be on 5G all the time because it’s so shiny and new, but that’s also the problem — it’s not always reliable. These cellular settings allow you to adjust your cellular connection to whatever works best right now.

10. AirDrop all things

AirDrop options on iPhone.

One of my favorite features on the iPhone is airdrop. If you also have an iPad or Mac, AirDrop is the fastest way to share files between all your Apple devices — like photos, videos, documents, and more. It’s a great feature for those who deeply enjoy the Apple hardware ecosystem.

To use this feature, simply select AirDrop from the share sheet when you share an item. You’ll also need to make sure your AirDrop settings are set correctly. You can modify this by going to Settings > General > AirDrop.

in a iOS 16.2Apple has introduced new restrictions on receiving AirDrop. You may have heard of people using AirDrop to send unwanted photos to strangers who have AirDrop set to Everyone. Now, while there’s still the Everyone option, it only takes 10 minutes — once the 10 minutes are up, it’s back to Contacts Only.

I’ve pretty much gotten my AirDrop settings on Contacts since its introduction, and it easily lets me send photos from my iPhone to my iMac or iPad. It’s a necessity in my daily workflow, and I can never give up!

11. Find anything quickly with Spotlight Search

The notch is at the top of the iPhone 14 Plus screen.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

Are you looking for something in particular? Whether it’s an app or game you just downloaded from the App Store, a simple internet search, an email or text message, or even a calendar event, a search is just a swipe away.

On the home screen, you can either tap Search box at the bottom, between the last row of apps and the dock, or just swipe down. Spotlight Search will appear, and you can type anything to bring up results from Siri-suggested apps, settings, apps, mail, photos, messages, and more. You can also set the source of the results by going to Settings > Siri and Search.

12. Search for keywords on web pages in Safari

iPhone 14 Pro showing Safari with Find On Page
Christine Romero Chan/Digital Trends

Have you ever found yourself on a website, but you are only searching for specific keywords, and there is a lot of text on the page? Safari has a hidden “Find this page” feature which is definitely handy.

To use it, first go to the page where you want to search. Then click on the address bar again and type in some keywords you want to search for. Once the results start to appear, scroll down to hide the keyboard and scroll to the bottom where it says “On this page”. If the keyword is found, you will see how many matches were found, then select search for (keyword) to jump to the results highlighted in yellow.

Get the most out of your new iPhone

iPhone 14 Pro with Widgy and Siri widgets on the home screen
Christine Romero Chan/Digital Trends

iPhone is one of them The best smartphones You can hit the market today, so if you just got one as a gift, congratulations! It’s a great gift, and definitely one that will last a long time, given Apple’s track record of software update and support.

iOS is very simple and easy to use, but there are a lot of hidden features that may not be very obvious, especially if you are an iPhone beginner. These are some of the best little secrets for iPhone and iOS so we hope these tricks will help you get the most out of your iPhone.

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