Hands-on with Apple Music Sing in iOS 16.2

Hands-on with Apple Music Sing in iOS 16.2

With the iOS 16.2 release candidate released today, Apple has added the new version Apple Music The singing feature that was announced earlier this week. We thought we’d check out the new karaoke feature to see how it works.

Apple Music‌ Sing is available on recent iPhones and iPads, as well as the latest Camel 4k. It is integrated into the Apple Music app‌ and thus limited to Apple Music subscribers. Note that you must have a full Apple Music subscription‌, as it is not included in the more affordable audio-only plan.

If you have used Apple Music‌ built-in Follow Songs feature, then you know how to use Apple Music‌ Sing. The feature mainly uses the lyrics function, with the addition of a toggle to lower the vocals of the song to replace it with your own.

Just choose a song, play the lyrics, and then use the little microphone icon to adjust the sounds. Apple Music‌ Sing isn’t available for every song, and it’s not entirely clear which ones Apple limits it to.

Apple will provide playlists for Apple Music‌ Sing, which will be full of popular songs to sing along with. The ‌Apple Music‌ Sing app will be available to all users with the launch of iOS 16.2, and since we already have a release candidate, iOS 16.2 may be released as soon as next week.

‌ Apple Music sing Available On the Iphone 11 and later, the third generation 11 in iPad Pro and newer, 12.9-inch iPad Pro‌ 5th generation and later, 4th generation iPad Air And later the ninth generation IPAD And then, the iPad mini and later, and the new third generation Apple TV‌ 4K.

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