How to disable access to Notification Center when the iPhone is locked

How to disable access to Notification Center when the iPhone is locked

On iOS, anyone can access your notification center when you have it Iphone locked. If this default setting seems less personal than you’d like, read on to learn how to disable it.

In Apple’s iOS, the Notification Center displays your notification history and allows you to scroll back and see what you missed. If iPhone‌ is unlocked, you can swipe down from the top center of the screen to view it at any time.

If the ‌iPhone‌ is off, you can still access the Notification Center by swiping up from the middle of the screen. It’s a convenient way to get an overview of your recent notifications without having to log into your account main screenbut it also makes them vulnerable to prying eyes whenever you leave iPhone‌ unattended.

If the idea of ​​someone else reading your notification history freaks you out, fret not — there’s a very simple way to disable access to it from the lock screen. The following steps show you how.

  1. Unlock the ‌‌iPhone‌‌ and open a file settings Application.
  2. Scroll down and tap Face ID and passcode (or Touch ID and passcode).
  3. Enter your passcode at the prompt.
  4. Scroll down, and under Allow Access When Locked, toggle the switch next to Notification center.


Thats all about it. Access to Notification Center from the iPhone lock screen‌ will be disabled with immediate effect.

It’s worth noting that even with Notification Center disabled, you (or anyone else) can still see notifications appear on the lock screen when they arrive. Fortunately, you can disable lock screen notifications on a per-app basis.


Simply go to Settings -> Notifications, tap on the app in question, then uncheck the box under “Lock screen” in the Alerts options. You can repeat this for each app for which you want to disable lock screen notifications.

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