How to prevent autocorrect failure on your iPhone

How to prevent autocorrect failure on your iPhone

When your messaging app starts suggesting high bulge; instead of Hi Valutinor intercourse instead of cooperationAnd the Autocorrect has gone too far. Although the feature is meant to make communication easier, some users say it creates more misunderstandings than it prevents. Fortunately, you don’t have to be at the mercy of an algorithm every time you send a text message. All you need to do is change a few preferences in your iPhone settings to make autocorrect a help rather than a hindrance.

according to PCMagiOS gives you the option to turn off autocorrect entirely. In the Settings app, go to General, then Keyboards to toggle the AutoCorrect feature on. You can also block spelling and automatic capitalization if you really feel like playing fast and missing your correspondence. If you choose to continue spell checking, you can use it as a less aggressive alternative to autocorrect. When a red squiggly line appears below a word in your draft, tap it to see a list Spelling suggestions. You can choose a word to replace a possible typo with a second click. Although it requires a few extra steps, the peace of mind may be worth it.

If you’re hesitant to get rid of autocorrect entirely, but can’t afford it in its current form, there’s another option. Under Keyboards, select replace text To customize the word list, your phone will automatically change to something else. You may see some shortcuts here already; The unofficial abbreviation review May automatically correct to contradictory enthusiasts I’m on my way!, for example. You can change it by deleting the suggested shortcut and leaving the field blank. If your phone doesn’t recognize words you use regularly, like an unfamiliar name or a certain expletive that rhymes with ducksyou can add them to the text replacement list and keep the abbreviation field blank to prevent autocorrect.

The text replacement feature in iOS can also be used to modify the autocorrect to suit your needs. Instead of limiting the functionality to misspellings, you can enter a new list of abbreviations and abbreviations that will automatically change to the words you choose. Here’s another iPhone keyboard hack must be used.

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