iPhone 14 Pro Max gets a Samsung-like curved screen in the latest Mod project

iPhone 14 Pro Max gets a Samsung-like curved screen in the latest Mod project

iPhone 14 Pro Max gets a Samsung-like curved screen in the latest Mod project

The hardware technician accessed the file iPhone 14 Pro Modified Max to add a curved screen at the edges like the Samsung Galaxy.

Twitter user @employeeset itself up Iphone The hardware technician who specializes in aftermarket Apple device modifications showcased his latest project with several photos and a brief video. The modification involves swapping out the iPhone‌’s stainless steel frame and adding a new screen, but all other device components remain the same.

The curved screen is particularly reminiscent of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, which have had curved screens on the left and right side edges since the launch of the Galaxy Note Edge in 2014.

@lipilipsi has made several other innovative tweaks to the iPhone‌, including Add a watch face with your Apple Watchswitch iPhone 13‘s Lightning to USB-C portand transfer the entire device to a file Transparent cover to see the internal components.

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