Killing Floor 2 Update 1.68 Drops Polar Disturbance This December 7th

Killing Floor 2 Update 1.68 Drops Polar Disturbance This December 7th

Tripwire Interactive is released Murder on the 2nd floor update 1.68, and it’s for the Polar Distress event! This brings a new community map, new weapons, cosmetics and more! Read on for the full December 7th Killing Floor 2 patch notes.

Assassination Floor 2 Update 1.68 Patch Notes | Killing Floor 2 Polar Disturbance Patch Notes | Killing Floor 2 December 7 Patch Notes:

business hours: December 7 to January 10, 2023.

Murder Floor 2: Polar Disturbance Update Highlights:

New Featured Community Map: Clash:

  • Standard survival map
  • Compatible with Survival, Weekly, Versus and Endless game modes.

Time-limited objectives:

  • New Seasonal Clash related objectives
  • Complete all Seasonal Objectives to win the Train Conductor’s Backpack

Weekly Game Mode:

  • Roulette perk: In this mode, your benefit is no longer a choice. For each wave, you will have to adapt to the given benefit. Use quick judgment and make the best of what you’ve got in this intense random mayhem mode!
  • Players can win the Perk Roulette Backpack

Guns: 2 new paid DLC weapons with 5 skin variants each

  • HV Storm Cannons
  • Zed Eradicator Device MK III

HRG Weapons: 2 new HRG weapons for free

  • HRG Medic Missile
  • Ballistic lie HRG

Cosmetics: 4 Weapon Skin Pack and 1 Clothing Pack

  • Retro Gamer Weapon Skin Pack
  • Chameleon MK III Weapon Skin Pack
  • Medieval Weapons Skin Pack
  • Tacticool Weapon Skin Bundle Pack
  • Train Conductor Outfit Pack

If there are any changes regarding the game, we will update the article.

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