QuantumScape ships first solid-state batteries to EV automakers

QuantumScape ships first solid-state batteries to EV automakers

QuantumScape ships first solid-state batteries to EV automakers

Solid state battery manufacturer QuantumScape announced that it was selling its first 24-layer lithium-metal prototype to EV OEMs for testing. Called the “A0 sample,” these cells represent QuantumScape’s most impressive solid-state technology to date, and their delivery marks a major milestone toward the full integration of energy-dense, fast-charging cells into future electric vehicles.

QuantumScape ($QS) It is a battery technology company founded in 2010 with the goal of developing scalable and efficient solid-state batteries that achieve cost parity with the lithium-ion cells popular in current EV models.

After more than a decade of research and development, the battery developer really started to gain momentum in 2020. He announced that he had achieved “great progress”. using a ceramic separator. This led to the successful testing of single-layer cell prototypes. After doubling the size of the initial pilot manufacturing lineHe revealed that it was also developed by Quantumscape 10 layer cellsand then the 16-layer prototype.

Last February, QuantumScape shared another industry first with a complete single-layer cell 400 consecutive quick charge cycles of 15 minutesrenewing the capacity from 10% to 80%, retaining more than 80% of the initial energy.

By Q2 2022, the company was praising energy dense, 24 layer cells, which were already undergoing internal testing. These first 24-layer prototypes are labeled Sample A cells, marking the start of a three-step journey to automotive qualification and eventual production. Each major sampling phase (A, B, and C) will consist of several generations of mature cell prototypes that will be delivered to OEMs for testing and validation.

Today, QuantumScape delivered the first A0 prototype solid-state batteries to EV automakers for testing.

QuantumScape ships first solid-state batteries to EV automakers

The first solid-state EV batteries arrive at OEMs for initial testing

As promised, QuantumScape delivered its 24-layer solid-state EV batteries to OEMs before the end of the year. The company shared details of the initial shipments a press release today, bringing to a close another impressive year of development.

All that said, QuantumScape is the first to admit that there is still a long way to go before solid-state batteries become mainstream in EVs and other electronics. According to QuantumScape CEO and Co-Founder Jagdeep Singh:

I am proud of our team for their hard work and determination to achieve this milestone, especially in the face of the challenges we faced this year. While this milestone brings us closer to our ultimate goal, there is still much work to be done to turn this technology into a commercial product, and we now turn our attention to this important work.

With 24 layers consisting of a solid-state separator, cathode and lithium-metal anode, QuantumScape says its prototype cells have “multi-hour amp capabilities.” With initial shipments underway, OEMs like Volkswagen Group for example, they can initiate internal testing of solid-state batteries for EVs and provide feedback on their performance.

Looking ahead, QuantumScape says it still has a lot of work on its to-do list before bringing this battery technology to market, “including improvements to the quality, consistency and performance of its production processes and additional improvements on the product side.” , such as increasing the charging capacity of the cathode and improving the efficiency of the vessels”.

The company says that it intends to use the planned generations of A, B and C cell prototypes in the coming years to improve the factors mentioned above. Believe that many OEMs will continue to participate in the testing process to help QuantumScape achieve its goal of producing solid-state batteries for EVs and beyond. It will be exciting to see what this company continues to achieve in 2023.

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