River City Girls 2 has a new release date in North America and Europe

River City Girls 2 has a new release date in North America and Europe

Image: WayForward, Arc System Works

Modernization [Tue 6th Dec, 2022 21:35 GMT]: After teasing fans about the upcoming River City Girls 2 release date last week, WayForward today announced an official release date for this long-awaited sequel — December 15th!

Confirming the news on Twitter, it comes after the company announced that the game would be slightly delayed. It’s only a few weeks, at least! So we won’t have to wait long for a whole new slice of action with River City Girls.

The original article [Tue 6th Dec, 2022 02:25 GMT]: New WayForward win River City Girls 2 It was apparently supposed to be available here in the west by now, but it seems to have suffered a slight delay.

In case you were wondering what happened to this sequel, Arc System Works and WayForward need “a little bit more time” to deliver the best and “full-featured experience” possible.

The plan is for the game to still be released here in the West before the end of this year, and a date will be shared soon. The game is already in Japan. Here’s the full update from the official WayForward Twitter account:

In related news, the original River City Girls The latest Switch Online beta is from December 6-12. If you participate in this beta, you will get 100 MyNintendo Platinum Points. The first game is also half price on the Switch eShop right now.

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