Samsung One UI 5.1 update: when is it coming, which devices will get it?

Samsung One UI 5.1 update: when is it coming, which devices will get it?

With Samsung’s One UI 5.0 rolling out wellPerhaps the company is already very far ahead in the development of One UI 5.1. One UI 5.1 should be the first version update to One UI 5.0, unless Samsung decides to switch things up (although it doesn’t look like Samsung will change the version number system at this time, As the company itself confirmed recently).

The Galaxy S23 should be the first Samsung phone to run One UI 5.1

But when will One UI 5.1 arrive? Well, if we would guess based on Samsung’s history with One UI updates, the Galaxy S23 The series should more or less be the ship for One UI 5.1’s debut. As you would expect, One UI 5.1 will bring new features that won’t be available on older Samsung smartphones and tablets, at least not right away anyway.

Samsung will likely bring the new features from One UI 5.1 to older devices soon after the Galaxy S23 hits retail shelves. The The high frequency with which the One UI 5.0 update has been rolled out to eligible Galaxy devices It indicates that Samsung could start releasing One UI 5.1 to existing devices before the Galaxy S23 is available for purchase.

However, this is all just speculation on our part as Samsung has not confirmed anything about One UI 5.1 other than the fact that it will arrive at some point.

Which Galaxy devices will get the One UI 5.1 update?

The list of devices eligible for the update is a mystery at the moment as well. However, we can be sure that most of the Galaxy smartphones launched in 2021 and 2022, especially all flagship and midrange phones like Galaxy A52/A53 and A72/A73 will qualify for One UI 5.1. It may also come to mid-range and flagship Galaxy phones launched in 2019, 2020 and Three generations of OS upgrades are promisedeven if they’ve already received their last big Android upgrade.

Again, it must be said that this is all speculation at this time, but we’ll be sure to update this article and let you know as soon as new information on the One UI 5.1 update — and as a result, information on new features the Galaxy S23 series will offer — emerges. Feel free to bookmark this page so you can check back regularly, as well as monitor our social media channels and, of course, the website itself for All One UI coverage, version 5 or earlier.

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