Sonic Frontiers has sold over 2.5 million

Sonic Frontiers has sold over 2.5 million

Total sales for Sonic Frontiers [22 articles]” href=”” rel=”noopener”>acoustic boundaries exceeded 2.5 million units, SEGA [2,473 articles]” href=”” rel=”noopener”>sega announce.

acoustic boundaries fired to PS5 [3,940 articles]” href=”″ rel=”noopener”>Playstation 5And the Xbox Series [3,061 articles]” href=”” rel=”noopener”>Xbox seriesAnd the PS4 [24,370 articles]” href=”″ rel=”noopener”>Playstation 4And the Xbox One [11,696 articles]” href=”” rel=”noopener”>Xbox OneAnd the Switch [12,702 articles]” href=”” rel=”noopener”>convertsAnd the PC [16,534 articles]” href=”” rel=”noopener”>computer Across steam On November 8th.

Here’s an overview of the game, via SEGA:

in acoustic boundariesAnd Sonic, Tails and Amy set off on a new journey Adventure [629 articles]” href=”” rel=”noopener”>venture In a mysterious new land searching for the missing Chaos Emeralds. Players will fight hordes of powerful enemies as they explore a breathtaking world Action [818 articles]” href=”” rel=”noopener”>a jobAdventure and mystery. My voice Fans can accelerate to new heights and experience the thrill of high speed and platforming freedom in the open area as they race across Starfall islands without a predetermined path. Within the open area landscape, players can complete side quests, solve puzzles, scale massive structures, go hunting, and test their 3D platforming skills in Cyber ​​Space.

With only a handful of questions and a disembodied voice to guide him, Sonic sets out to save his friends and the mysterious Starfall Islanders from a massive mechanical menace.

In addition, to make acoustic boundaries More exciting, SEGA will provide many free downloadable content which will add many new items, characters, modes and playable costumes. The first piece of downloadable content, Sonic’s Holiday Cheer Costume, will be released for free on December 21, 2022. SEGA is committed to making every effort to ensure a long and enjoyable experience for our players.

acoustic boundaries is the latest addition to Sonic’s growing portfolio of media initiatives, including upcoming projects like Netflix [72 articles]” href=”” rel=”noopener”>Netflix animated series Sonic PrimeParamount sonic the hedgehog Movies and a collection of high-speed action games since 1991.

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