Tesla Semi wows crowds at Modesto Christmas parade

Tesla Semi wows crowds at Modesto Christmas parade

The Tesla Semi dazzled crowds attending the annual Celebration of Lights Christmas Parade in Modesto, California.

Tesla recently delivered the first of its 8 Tesla Semi electric vehicles, with triple power than other diesel trucks on the road, to Frito-Lay and Pepsi on Thursday. Following the delivery of the vehicle, Frito-Lay debuted the Class 8 truck at the Modesto Christmas Parade on Saturday, December 3rd.

The theme for Modesto’s 2022 Celebration of Lights was “Running Through the Decades.” Twitter user @bshaddix shared videos of the Tesla Semi’s debut at the Christmas parade and noted that it was important to improve the air in their community.

In response to a comment about the semi-diesel parade set and the resulting engine noise and exhaust, @bshaddix pointed out that there was so much smoke throughout the parade. “You described the rest of the parade. So A lot Smokes”.

@bshaddix said to Tesla that they had read about the delivery in the newspaper and expressed how good it would be to improve the air in the valley.

“My office is on the parade route, so I’m in almost every parade. When the Frito-Lay diesel first came out, I mentioned the new Tesla Semi to my wife, and she said look, that’s where the next truck is.”

“And I froze when I saw him. It was right there, in our little town, ready to go. And with rain and lights. I took the camera and came out.”

He added that this was the only video he could get and that he forgot to take a shot of Santa, but was surprised at how quiet it was.

“When I came to film, it was so… calm. And how the lights were in the booth and it was already painted for Frito-Lay. Simply wow. I heard others say similar things. In my opinion, he was the star of this year’s parade. Sorry, Santa. Maybe they’ll release it again by July 4th.”

Fascinated by technology and a lawyer living in a small town in the Central Valley, @bshaddix said it was “really cool” to witness the first deliveries of the Tesla Semi.

Disclosure: Johnna $ is a TSLA shareholder and believes in Tesla’s mission.

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Tesla Semi wows crowds at Modesto Christmas parade

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