The comeback is finally coming to the PC platform

The comeback is finally coming to the PC platform

No, you are not stuck in a loop. of PC Returnal’s port has finally been confirmed, much to the delight of rogue fans, who are mostly desktop gamers.

If we’re being honest, we’re surprised that Returnal isn’t getting new content for its PC release.

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Returnal was one of the PlayStation l exclusivestaken by Nvidia GeForce Now last year. Since then, a Steam listing of the game has surfaced several times over the past few months and PC port footage it was even shown at GDC. So the PC port was always a matter of when and not if. But I probably didn’t expect it Brand houseThe latest title to be part of The Game Awards.

The PC port of Returnal was one of the first games revealed at the abbreviated event, and it came with a trailer saying it’s “coming soon” to PC.

The head of PlayStation mentioned in May that Sony is waiting to release half of its annual franchises on PC and mobile platforms until 2025. After starting with Horizon Zero Dawn two years ago, we’re inclined to agree. Most likely, Returnal’s PC release will follow The Last of Us Part 1 becomes available to download on Steam and Epic Games Store after exiting to PlayStation 5 earlier this year.

The comeback is finally headed to the platform where many rightly considered it.

Returnal was nominated for multiple awards at last year’s The Game Awards. where it eventually won Best Action Game. Sony later acquired Housemarque after the game’s release and added it to its growing family of studios under the PlayStation Studios umbrella.

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