This free Nintendo Switch game is available for a limited time

This free Nintendo Switch game is available for a limited time

This free Nintendo Switch game is available for a limited time

With the holiday quickly drawing to a close, it’s a safe bet that many people will be getting a file Nintendo Switch over the past few days. There are few things better than getting a free video game, and a free title is available for the system right now for a very limited time Prime Gaming. The company provides codes for the Switch version of My mom hid my game!, but code availability is limited, so those interested in disabling will want to jump on this code while they can. Prime Gaming is a free service for all Amazon Prime subscribers Readers can opt out of the game here.

As its name suggests, My mom hid my game! Assign the players to try to find a handheld game console that the player’s mother has hidden. The system in question is not a file Nintendo Switch (as the title has been released on multiple platforms), and is actually somewhat similar to the Nintendo DS. Published by Kemco, the title tasks players with solving puzzles in order to find the game. It’s a simple and silly premise, but also one that a lot of gamers can relate to! The title usually costs $4.99, which isn’t a lot of money, but definitely better.

The Nintendo Switch eShop has a huge number of games, and it’s very easy to get lost in small games. It’s been nearly six years since the Switch was first released, and Nintendo has done an excellent job of pulling off both the mainline games and smaller indie titles. Free games like this one give users the perfect excuse to try something they otherwise wouldn’t have, or might have overlooked. It remains to be seen if Prime Gaming will make any more free Switch games in the near future, but if this giveaway is successful enough, it sure looks like a possibility!

If you happen to get a Nintendo Switch for the holidays and need some recommendations for the system, our holiday gift guide can be found from here.

What do you think of this free game? Are you planning to try this title? Tell us in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @employee To talk about all things gaming!

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