Twitter Blue will cost $11 on the App Store so Musk can avoid Apple’s fees

Twitter Blue will cost  on the App Store so Musk can avoid Apple’s fees

Twitter Blue will cost $11 on the App Store so Musk can avoid Apple’s fees

Week by week, Elon Musk has changed the expectations of his Twitter Blue paid verification subscription service. After a hasty, exclusive rollout from the Apple App Store and an almost immediate delay, the service’s relaunch has been delayed, in part to give Musk time. figure out a way to avoid Apple App Store fees. Now, it looks like Musk has found a solution that could mean Twitter Blue is coming back soon, but its return could come at a higher cost for some Twitter users.

According to the informationMusk has told some employees that he plans to offer Twitter Blue for $8 to buy online, but the price will increase to $11 a month for anyone who buys a subscription in the App Store.

Neither Twitter nor Apple could immediately be reached for comment by The Information.

The higher price will likely help offset Apple’s 30 percent fee for the service’s first year on the App Store, ensuring Musk still pays about $8 for anyone interested in paying more than the monthly payment for a blue checkmark.

TechCrunch crunched the numbers and notify Musk could offset the fees by charging $10.38, but it appears he rounded up to charge the same amount for the service.

Musk’s decision to increase the cost of Twitter Blue for App Store users comes after that Apple this week announced big changes to its App Store pricing, making it easy for developers to set the price they want for downloads. Some game and app developers want to take advantage of more flexible pricing options to adjust prices based on exchange rates and inflation. For maximum flexibility, Apple allows developers to “may adjust prices at any time“. Perhaps this will also give Musk the flexibility to adjust the price of Twitter Blue if its higher price on the App Store leads to fewer subscriptions.

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