Uber Canada’s 2022 Cravings Report: $1,000 order from Toronto burger joint

Uber Canada’s 2022 Cravings Report: $1,000 order from Toronto burger joint

A hungry Toronto man placed an Uber Eats order this year from an unknown hamburger for $1,048.01, in what was the food delivery service’s most expensive order of the year in Canada.

According to Uber Canada’s 2022 Cravings Reportwhich the company released Thursday, offering “a snapshot of the most popular, unique and in some cases unusual shipping requests we’ve received from Canadians over the past year.”

Uber Eats said it was unable to find out which Toronto burger joint the monster order was placed in, but the report offered other insights into the eating habits of Torontonians.

“Canada’s largest, and perhaps loudest, cities appear to be the most broken, with people in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal most often adding special instructions to their orders,” the report said.

The special instruction most often included in Toronto orders was “hot sauce on the side,” according to the report, while people in Ottawa, Edmonton and Winnipeg asked for extra pickles.

Toronto also ranked fifth for ordering food labeled “healthy” on the app.

Torontonians, however, were not among the most generous or polite Uber Eats users in Canada.

Toronto didn’t make it into the top 10 cities for saying “please, thank you, and thank you” the most when ordering, as well as the most tipped for delivery.

“Of course, Canadians are known for being polite. But Kingston, Ottawa and Peterborough have set the bar even higher by saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ in their application instructions,” the report said.

“Victoria, BC were the most generous tippers, but French Canadians are also big tippers; Sherbrooke and Quebec City ranked second and third on our Top 10 list.’

The report also ranked the top cuisines requested by Uber Eats users across the country; first it was Japanese food, followed by Indian and Chinese.

Canada’s second and third largest cities also made relatively expensive orders over the past year.

An Uber Eats user in Vancouver spent $1,039.01 on an order from a Japanese restaurant and someone in Montreal ordered $893.54 from a cheese shop and bakery.

Canadians’ favorite side to order on the app was fries, followed by nuggets, and the most requested drink was a margarita.

“This year’s Uber Eats Cravings Report shows us that, even as we face the pandemic, Canadians across the country trust Uber Eats to make their special requests come to life,” said Lola Kassim, CEO of Uber Eats Canada. .

“This year, Canadians wanted spice, extra pickles, lots of chips and nuggets on the side.”

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