What should you do if you remember a chair?

What should you do if you remember a chair?

A safety notice issued by Health Canada is warning the public about a brand of swivel chairs that pose a risk of falls and injury.

According to Health Canada, several batches of Ikea’s Odger swivel chairs in anthracite are being recalled due to a “falling hazard” issue.

The recalled products Date stamps before 2221 were sold (22 stands for the year and 21 stands for the week the product was produced).

The affected products have a bucket-shaped seat and a rounded backrest with adjustable height and swivel, with article number 20395270, according to a news release from Health Canada on Wednesday.

The chair was also made in white, but these do not pose the same risk and have not been recalled, Health Canada said.

As of December 19, Ikea has not received any reports of falls or injuries in Canada, but there have been 19 reports of the star-shaped support base disintegrating, and five reports of injuries worldwide.

According to Ikea data, 3,302 units of the affected product manufactured in Italy were sold in Canada between October 2019 and December 2022.


Health Canada is asking people to stop using the recalled chair immediately and return the product to an Ikea store across the country for a refund. A receipt is not required for this refund.

Those who need more information about the product can contact Ikea.

Health Canada has also asked Canadians to report any health or safety incidents associated with the use of this product.

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