iPhone 15 enters trial production

iPhone 15 enters trial production

iPhone 15 enters trial production

The iPhone 15 line is said to have entered beta production.

to me Daily economic newsApple’s next smartphone has begun “trial production of a new machine” at the company’s Chinese production partner, Foxconn.

This stage of the iPhone 15 production process is generally known as the New Product Introduction, or NPI. It will precede mass production later in the year, ahead of the phone’s inevitable fall launch.

While this NPI stage is common in iPhone production, the report notes that it will be slightly different in 2023. This is because production is split across China and India, and this year “the gap between the time of mass production of iPhones in mainland China and India will narrow.”

“In previous years, the mass production time for the two places was between six to nine months. Last year, it was shortened to two months, and this year it will be shortened to a few weeks.”

This year’s lineup is expected to add a new high-end iPhone to the party iPhone 15 Ultra. Reports indicate that this new model (and possibly the iPhone 15 Pro) will have a titanium frame like the Apple Watch Ultra, as well as solid-state buttons. This may indicate that Apple is willing to position premium phones as viable powerful phone options.

It has also been suggested that the iPhone 15 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro could see the full benefits of faster USB-C charging speeds.

Elsewhere, it has been suggested that Apple’s new dynamic notch could reach the entire iPhone 15 range. In the current line, the feature is only available in iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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