Samsung speeds up smart home setup with ‘Matter Easy Pair’

Samsung speeds up smart home setup with ‘Matter Easy Pair’

It lets you easily find and connect to nearby miter devices

after the announcement New SmartThings Hub For easier smart home management at CES, Samsung is now debuting a new feature on its devices to help users easily find and connect to nearby Matera-compatible devices. Dubbed ‘Matter Easy Pair’, the feature is being rolled out as an update to the Nearby Device Scanning feature on Samsung Galaxy devices.

For those unaware, Nearby Device Scanning on Samsung Galaxy phones lets you find and connect to other Galaxy devices around you, such as smartwatches and earbuds. This feature also supports SmartThings-enabled devices, which greatly simplifies setting up compatible smart home devices. It shows a pop-up notification as soon as a device is detected, and you can click on it to easily connect to an available device.

With version of Nearby Device Scanning, the feature is getting the ability to detect MateR-compatible devices. After the update, you’ll get a similar pop-up notification on your Galaxy smartphone whenever it detects a Mate-compatible device nearby, allowing you to connect to it without going through multiple steps. According to sammobileThe Nearby Devices update that enables ‘Matter Easy Pair’ has already started rolling out to users via the Galaxy Store.

The Matter smart home standard aims to bring interoperability between smart home ecosystems from different companies. If you’re curious about the new standard, you can learn all about it here our in-depth lecturer, Samsung is one of the major players adopting the standard, along with Google, Apple, Amazon, Philips, and others. The company has already partnered with Google for the offer Seamless interconnectivity between SmartThings and Google Home, allowing users to operate all compatible smart home devices with both the SmartThings app and the Google Home app. The new ‘Matter Easy Pair’ feature is another great addition that will make smart home setup a lot less frustrating for end users.

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