This On-Cell Microdermabrasion Device Makes My Skin Remarkably Smooth in Just 5 Minutes

This On-Cell Microdermabrasion Device Makes My Skin Remarkably Smooth in Just 5 Minutes

This On-Cell Microdermabrasion Device Makes My Skin Remarkably Smooth in Just 5 Minutes

on Wednesdays, I Microderm, Saturday, too. It’s been like this ever since I started including it Microderm MD into my skincare schedule, and I intend to continue using the device indefinitely.

i happened on Trophy Skin’s best selling product, Microderm MD, five months ago. I was researching home options Hydrafacial, a wildly popular in-office treatment that quenches skin and purifies pores in 30 minutes, specially formulated, extracts and infuses serums deep into the dermis for radiant skin. While not fully consistent with in-office procedure, Microderm MD Shares notable similarities: It’s equipped with an exfoliating, diamond-coated microdermabrasion tip and suction and infusion attachments. Together, they deliver pro-grade results in under 10 minutes.

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Buy Now: $200 (originally $300); Amazon.Com

Contained in an aesthetically pleasing flip-top case, the device comes with all of the above-mentioned interchangeable tips, as well as a suction wand to which each tip is attached, which is connected to a flexible tube in the interior of the machine. Plus there’s a digital screen inside, which tells you where to hold the stick and for how long.

Microdermabrasion is my favorite feature of MicroDermMD. It only takes five minutes to use the Diamond-Tip. I like to use it in Auto mode, which guides you through areas of the face, as well as the neck and décolletage, and adjusts the intensity of suction accordingly (less suction for delicate areas, like the skin around the eyes). down, and more suction for thicker areas, such as cheeks). There’s also a sensitive mode that allows for much gentler suction throughout the treatment than is needed and a manual mode that allows you to choose your adventure.

Although you will notice an accumulation of visible dead skin inside the tube after microdermabrasion, you may choose to continue with an extraction step to target particularly stubborn pore debris. Simply swap out the rough exfoliating, Microderm tip for the finer one, which is designed to vacuum out clogged pores. I use it on the sides of my nose, where my pores are usually more congested. Finally, there’s an infusion tip, which has a broad, flat surface area to work your favorite serum deep into the skin.

I’m amazed at the soft, glowing skin MicrodermMD reveals every time I use it. Buyers echo similar sentiments about the device: one 47-year-old reviewer says it “turned back the hands of time,” while another, who says they’ve “owned it.” [and] Has done extensive research on several microdermabrasion systems,” calling the device her favorite so far.

The saying “you get what you pay for” rings true for this device: The original $300 price point is somewhat steep, albeit totally worth it if you can swing it. Currently, though, it’s heavily discounted — with 33 percent off, slashing nearly $100 off its full price.

i’m rhapsodizing about it Microderm MD Since my first use; Months later, I’m still in awe. If you’re compelled by the idea of ​​pro-level microdermabrasion, plus extractions and infusions, in minutes from the comfort of home, I beg you to take advantage of the sale while it’s still on.

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