Türkiye’s Togg Unveils Smart Device-Integrated Digital Asset Wallet

Türkiye’s Togg Unveils Smart Device-Integrated Digital Asset Wallet

Türkiye’s first domestic electric vehicle developer has introduced a smart device-integrated digital asset wallet to link mobility technology to the Avalanche blockchain, the company announced on Monday.

A first of its kind in the world, it provides bank-grade security for users and enables unlimited usage, including access to smart device passports, service history, valuable part tracking, carbon footprint and emissions records, insurance claims and supplies Chain authentication is included. Through smart contracts, according to a statement from Türkiye’s Automobile Joint Venture Group (Togg).

In June 2022, Torg and blockchain platform Ava Labs signed a partnership agreement on Avalanche as a reliable and fast platform to develop and launch safe and secure mobile services powered by smart contracts that drive deep technological innovation. implied from.

smart device-integrated digital asset wallet Unveiled at CES 2023The world’s largest annual tech and consumer electronics show in Las Vegas.

Gurçon Karakas, CEO of Tog, a consortium of five companies building the first domestically produced automobile brand, said the firm is working to create an open and accessible ecosystem for everyone around its smart devices and digital products. Is.

“We aim to take our users’ mobility experience to the next level with our product – a digital asset wallet that we developed on the blockchain of our strategic partner Ava Labs – to the next level. The mobility ecosystem knows no boundaries. Wherever we take it, it will go.”

Türkiye is not only highlighting the fact that the Togg will be battery-powered, but also that its features will make it much more than a car. Togg calls itself a technology brand that blends digital and physical experiences.

In addition, the company is launching a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace on Avalanche, in which users can buy, sell, and swap a wide range of NFTs, including art, collectibles, and more. The Togg NFT marketplace is accessible through a digital asset wallet, which allows users to securely store, access and transfer their digital assets while on the go.

It will offer an “Art Mode” feature that changes the car’s ambience to match the NFT artwork displayed on the in-car digital asset wallet.

Togg’s Avalanche-based solution will open up a new approach to mobility, allowing people to easily rent different modes of transport – such as cars, scooters and parking spaces – through smart contracts with payments for each step of users’ journeys. With an automated digital asset wallet securely through Medium, the company said.

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