YouTube’s new gray progress bar is rolling out on a larger scale

YouTube’s new gray progress bar is rolling out on a larger scale

YouTube’s new gray progress bar is rolling out on a larger scale

The feature was in testing just a few weeks ago

If you hang around Youtube Long enough, you’ve probably been annoyed by the fact that the video progress bar turns from white to red over time. This red color really appears when you are in full screen mode on mobile. But last monthA less obtrusive gray or white color, we learned, was in testing with some users of the Android app. This wouldn’t be a huge inclusion by any means, but it would make YouTube at night less of a strain on the eyes. This feature is now being rolled out more widely, including on the Pixel 6a.


9to5Google heard from a number of users The gray progress bar is now appearing on more devices this week. The progress bar turns red when the user is playing, pausing, moving, or otherwise interacting with the video. However, once the headers interface is gone, this bar turns light gray if the device is in dark mode.

The progress bar stays red when a device or app is in the light theme, so the feature was almost certainly designed with nightly YouTube consumption in mind.

The gray video progress bar is a persistent presence in portrait view, but it only appears for a short time when viewing video in landscape mode before moving away from the video track.

We at Android Police were also able to spot the new progress bar color on the YouTube apps for iPhone and iPad, so it should be available across most mobile devices by now. Updating the app to its latest version may enable the feature, though it appears to be a server-side push — if it doesn’t show up on your Android or iOS device, it’s likely to happen very soon.

YouTube has had an eventful year 2022 to say the least. The company declared a breach 80 million subscribers no Together with YouTube Premium and YouTube Music in November. While the latter is still nowhere near the numbers for Spotify or Apple Music, the steady progress in subscribers certainly bodes well for Google.

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