Age Friendly South Portland – Heating Help and Other Ideas

Age Friendly South Portland – Heating Help and Other Ideas

When spring started, I felt happy that the days are getting longer and the leaves are full and flowers are blooming. I could feel that the summer would be endless. However, now winter is coming very soon and I see very busy squirrels. Like other main creatures, we get dressed.

We may worry that we will have enough wood or how will we pay for the heat, taxes, food and gas put in the car?

For information about income-based programs to help with heating costs, call the South Portland Social Service Department at 767-7617, Toby Talbot File photo/AP

The cost is mind-boggling for a number of reasons, all of them troubling, all of them without quick or easy fixes. In the meantime, I believe we need to help each other. I believe each of us has something to offer to the other and exchanges have nothing to do with monetary value, the value is caring about each other.

Margaret Mead was quoted as saying that the earliest sign of civilization she found was the skeleton of a man whose thigh bone had healed. He said that this was a sign of human civilization because such a pause would have meant death unless others helped the individual.

Helping each other is the basic quality of human society. Now is the time that we need each other. Apart from the pandemic, there are social, political, climatic and financial stresses that we all need a hand in one way or another. Rich in variation of what each person needs and can give.

Older adults have the knowledge, skills, and history to communicate what is important to today’s world and the future. It is also a gift for young people to give to others; older adults can benefit from their strengths, knowledge and skills. We need each other. Young and old, we can help each other.

Older residents, who have paid taxes for years and helped build our city, who are now on a fixed income hit hard by rising prices, get them from programs to help with the cost of heating, food, transportation and taxes. You should feel comfortable seeking help.

During the pandemic, businesses have been able to seek help, with many programs in place to help many. People with fixed income also need some help during this time. This is the right and just thing. So please don’t be too shy or too proud or too stubborn to get some help. You can call the South Portland Social Service Department, 767-7617, to learn more about income-based programs to help with heating costs.

You’ll find and hear more from Age Friendly South Portland about help with tax relief, transportation and food. Please reach out to us; A lot is happening! Age Friendly South Portland is a group that aims to help older citizens age safely and your input is valuable. If you would like to work with Age Friendly South Portland, feel free to call me at 799-6350.

Susan Henderson, Secretary of Age Friendly South Portland. he can be reached here [email protected]

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