Apple iCloud Photos now works with the Windows 11 Photos app

Apple iCloud Photos now works with the Windows 11 Photos app


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Windows 11 users with iPhone will now find it a little easier to find all their photos on their computers.

Windows 11’s new Photos now integrate directly with Apple iCloud Photos should make it easier to view photos and videos taken on an iPhone on their computer.

Photos-iCloud Photos integration was announced last month along with Microsoft’s deal with Apple to bring the Apple Music and Apple TV apps to the Microsoft Store at some point in 2023.

Windows 11 users should update the Photos app from the Microsoft Store. The integration should be available to all Windows 11 users by the end of the month.

“We know that many Windows customers have collections of photos and videos on their iPhones that they would like to see on their PC,” said Dave Grochocki, Principal Product Manager, Windows Inbox Applications. in a blog post.

“This iCloud Photos integration will make it easier for iPhone owners to have direct access to all their cherished memories in one organized place, and is another step in our ongoing efforts to create seamless experience on Windows 11.”

The integration allows Windows 11 users to add and access iCloud Photos directly from the Microsoft Photos app. Accessing these from the Windows 11 Photos app is likely to be a better experience than accessing them from File Explorer.

After updating the Photos app, users need to install the iCloud app for Windows from the Microsoft Store and then sign in with their Apple ID and sync photos. All iCloud Photos content then automatically appears in the Photos app.

Microsoft has also refreshed the Photos app with a new gallery view. iCloud photos will appear alongside photos from other sources in the new All Photos gallery view. There is also a dedicated page that users can access from the side navigation panel.



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