Apple increases prices for Apple Music, Apple TV + and Apple One

Apple increases prices for Apple Music, Apple TV + and Apple One

Apple today announced price increases for several of its services, including Apple MusicAnd the + Apple TVand the Apple One Packages that include those services.

Apple One 2 apps feature
The price of Apple Music‌ increases by $1 for individual users and $2 for the family plan, while Camel The price increases by $2. All “Apple One” prices will also rise according to the information obtained by 9to5Mac. The full pricing is as follows:

Apple Music

  • Single Plan – $10.99 per month, in increments of $1
  • Family Plan – $16.99 per month, increment of $2
  • Annual Plan for Individuals – $109 per year, up to $10

+ Apple TV

  • Monthly Plan – $6.99 per month, increment of $2
  • Annual Plan – $69 per year, increment of $20

Apple One

  • Single Plan – $16.95/month, increment of $2
  • Family Plan – $22.95 per month, increment of $3
  • Premium Plan – $32.95 per month, increment of $3

Apple says prices are going up as of today due to increased licensing costs. For Apple Music, the increase will give artists and songwriters additional money for their music. The price of ‌Apple TV+ is going up now that it has more content, according to Apple.

The listed price increases are for the US, but prices will go up in most countries. Subscribers will get alerts about price changes when they renew their subscriptions.

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