Apple’s Emergency SOS feature will be available on iPhone 14s this month

Apple’s Emergency SOS feature will be available on iPhone 14s this month

apple have confirmed that his SOS emergency via satellite Feature coming to iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro this november.

in Advertising Apple said Thursday that the security feature, which sends emergency dispatch centers through its satellite network, is made possible through a partnership with Louisiana-based Globalstar’s network of 24 low-orbit satellites.

In emergency situations where Apple users will not have cellular or Wi-Fi coverage, they will be able to activate the Emergency SOS feature. The Globalstar satellite will then transmit the request to a Globalstar ground station and then relay the message to a local 911 dispatch center. If the nearest call center is unable to receive text messages, the order goes to a “relay center with Apple-trained emergency specialists,” the announcement said. Although Apple didn’t specify it in the release, it is likely that the feature will come in the form of a software update for Apple’s iOS 16 operating system.

Emergency SOS feature comes via satellite after Apple’s launch Fault detection The feature, which calls emergency services automatically if a person is incapacitated or unable to access their phone. It underscores Apple’s focus on developing technology that can be critical in life-threatening situations.

Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer, said of the partnership with GlobalStar.

It seems that Apple wants to make its hardware so essential that users are Afraid to leave the house without them.

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