Assistance League of Phoenix recently received 2 donations

Assistance League of Phoenix recently received 2 donations

The New York Community Trust, in partnership with The Heisman Trophy Trust, has awarded $10,000 to the Phoenix Aid League as part of the Heisman Trophy Fund for Youth Development.

In addition, The Charo Foundation helped provide wardrobe packages for children across the Valley to meet basic needs, promote self-esteem, and ensure that every student enters the classroom ready to learn. Awarded $2,500 to the league in aid of Phoenix.

The funding will support the organization’s signature program, Operation School Bell, and its mobile unit, Delivering Dreams Bus, as they work to provide wardrobe packages for more than 11,000 students this school year.

Each student receives a bundle of items worth approximately $250 and includes two bottoms, three tops, six pairs of socks, six underwear, a sweatshirt, belt, pair of shoes, a new book, and a personal health kit filled with hygiene items. it occurs.

The organisation’s flagship programme, Operation School Bell, provides new clothes, shoes and other essentials to children in need. Delivering Dreams simply makes the program more accessible to underserved students by coming directly to the schools.

Operation School Bells Delivering Dreams buses have been retrofitted to mobile dressing centres. Buses are packed with racks of clothes and shoes, along with private dressing rooms. Volunteers help each child choose clothes and ensure that clothes and shoes fit properly.

The Assistance League of Phoenix has partnered with over 130 Title I schools throughout the year. Each school can select up to 100 children who qualify for the program (students on the free or reduced lunch program).

“We are extremely honored to receive support from the New York Community Trust, the Heisman Trophy Trust, Scottsdale Charros and The Charroe Foundation,” Amy Runyon, CEO of the Assistance League of Phoenix, said in a press release. “This comes at a time when the Operation School Bell program continues to grow as well as the need for services for underprivileged families. The effects of inflation are being felt by all and it has created a great need in our community. We have added 20 new schools to our waiting list this year and we look forward to reaching even more students and ensuring they have clothing that fits, is sustainable and has a positive sense of self-esteem Contribute to ,

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