Atherton Schools ban high school cell phones after ‘airdrop’ threats

Atherton Schools ban high school cell phones after ‘airdrop’ threats

FLINT, MI – Atherton Schools have banned cell phones and other personal communication devices from middle/high school after students received “airdrop” threats of violence on more than one occasion.

On Friday, November 11, District Administrator John Bluff announced the ban, which generally includes cell phones, smartphones and smartwatches. It comes into effect on Monday, November 14.

If a student is found with a personal communication device, the device will be confiscated and the student may face disciplinary action.

Plouffe said the ban came on the recommendation of Burton Police Chief Brian Ross.

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“Please bear in mind that the threats that occurred last Thursday brought fear and terror to both students and parents,” Plouffe wrote in a letter to parents on Friday. “This resulted in parents selecting their students and keeping them at home on Fridays.”

The first airdrop threat came on October 25, a day after parents expressed their frustration with the Atherton Board of Education. About the arrest of a music teacher for an alleged sexual relationship with a 14-year-old student.

Some parents have accused school administrators of not being transparent and of failing to communicate development quickly to parents.

Plouffe said any parent who needs to get a message across to their student should contact the school office for help. Students will also be allowed to use phones in the office to contact parents.

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The cell phone ban, which begins on November 14, will cover the hours from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day.

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