Battlefield 2042 Joins Xbox Game Pass, Get More Updates

Battlefield 2042 Joins Xbox Game Pass, Get More Updates

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Hi this is Luke Plunkett from Kotaku, he is one of 17 people on the planet who regularly enjoy the game, reporting live from Battlefield 2042.

If you have not played the game within the first 12 months – and you have already played the game ProblemsWho can blame you! – EA decided it was time to try to convince you with the offer Battlefield 2042 Free (for the first few days of December, across all platforms) or at least as part of the subscription fee you already pay for Game Pass.

They do this for two reasons, of course. The first is that there weren’t enough people who bought this game in the first place, so the player base was tragically low at times (here in Australia, for example, only one multiplayer mode is filled enough to get regular games ). The second, and this is related, is that Battlefield 2042 It has subtle cosmetic treatments, so the more people EA can play the game, the more they hope to invent skins for weapons, vehicles, and players.

Now I will tell you that you do not need to buy these skins, the skins you unlock are good, and I will also tell you that you should play this game! Battlefield 2042 It started with a lot of problems and a lot of changes, both of which annoyed many old players, But as I said at the time, there was still something good (or at least likely) in what she was trying to do.

Now, 12 months later, after a lot of work and (remaining) fan feedback, DICE developers own the game… at this point it should have been at launch. Which is a low bar to clear, I know, but this game was developed straight out of a pandemic, and it’s going to be free (or basically free on Game Pass), and clearing out the low bars is exactly that kind of service and weekend getaway.

It has also become very good! The original maps are reworked, The new maps are great And a lot of things older fans missed at launch – from the scoreboards to the class system – have been reintroduced or are about to appear.

Battlefield 2042 | Evolution Update – Rework Maps, Specialists, Vault Weapons and more

When announcing the availability of the free game / Game Pass, DICE also dropped a video and blog post today Selecting new weapons, map changes, and specialized mods coming as part of Season 3, along with a very brief hint of something else It goes beyond that, which they promote as something more substantial. This other thing is discussed in a movie about soldiers looking at inauspicious weather, so since the game is set in a near-climate apocalypse (and already features in-game storms that can destroy your shit), it’ll be interesting to see if this another thing Makes drastic changes to the way weather is formed and affects maps.

Battlefield 2042 Game Pass will arrive at the launch of Season 3 soon, while the free weekend/week will start December 1-4 on Xbox, December 1-5 on Steam, and December 16-23 on PlayStation.

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