Brookfield, LeFrack Claims NY Rental Assistance Program Is Unconstitutional: Lawsuit – Commercial Supervisor

Brookfield, LeFrack Claims NY Rental Assistance Program Is Unconstitutional: Lawsuit – Commercial Supervisor

Brookfield Properties And lefracky Two separate lawsuits filed on Thursday calling the initiative unconstitutional are taking aim at New York’s pandemic-era program to help residents who don’t pay rent New York County Supreme Court,

The landlords alleged that the remedy, termed emergency rental assistance program (ERAP), let some of their tenants not pay rent for more than a year while they waited for the administrator of the ERAP, New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA), to determine whether residents will receive state dollars to cover unpaid back rent.

Both landlords claimed that the ERAP is unconstitutional, infringing on their rights and an overreach of the OTDA’s authority as it automatically stops eviction cases once the tenant program is in place. According to the two lawsuits, the landlords want the non-payment cases to continue.

LeFrak, its lawyers and a spokesperson for OTDA did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Brookfield declined to comment. pincusco first reported news of lawsuits.

In his case, LeFrack alleged that 22 of his tenants in 15 Queens buildings owed nearly $536,000 in back rent, and some have not paid their bills for more than a year due to slow ERAP decisions. Brookfield boasts two residents in its luxury Greenpoint, Brooklyn, apartment building two blue slips A lease signed by him in August 2020 owes more than $150,000.

Brookfield & LeFrac aren’t the first owners to complain about the program. A Group of Long Island Landlords Protests against ERAP in Manhattan in Octoberaccusing the ERAP of being unable to evict its tenants, reports Huntington Now.

ERAP was first plagued by delays when delivered in June 2021 Dollar relief from snail’s pace and then running out of cash that october, but the government Kathy Hochulu refilled his pot with $800 million through The state budget for 2023 which was passed in April.

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