Chinese iPhone workers traveled 25 miles to escape coronavirus restrictions

Chinese iPhone workers traveled 25 miles to escape coronavirus restrictions

  • Two workers at the world’s largest iPhone factory traveled 25 miles to get home after the lockdown was broken.
  • Bloomberg reported the story of Dong Wanwan and her brother, who left the factory amid strict coronavirus controls.
  • The Foxconn facility in Zhengzhou is undergoing a COVID lockdown after the virus outbreak.

factor in The largest iPhone manufacturer in the world In Zhengzhou, China I walked for nearly nine hours to get home after leaving the compound to escape the harsh COVID restrictions, Bloomberg mentioned.

The Foxconn complex of 200,000 employees enacted a dramatic “closed-loop” system to enforce its COVID-free China policy after the recent outbreak. Bloomberg mentioned That workers were initially not allowed to leave the facility, and quarrels broke out after some workers were given basic food supplies of bread and instant noodles.

Dong Wanwan, 20, said she and her 19-year-old brother drove 25 miles home after the lockdown made their lives miserable. She had been working at the pool for three months to help assemble the iPhones.

on Monday, Foxconn raised wages to $5.20 an hour — a 36% increase — to try to prevent more workers from leaving the factory It produces about half of the world’s iPhones.

Thousands of workers are believed to have left, with other cities in China making plans to isolate workers leaving amid fears of the spread of COVID, in Reuters. Foxconn did not disclose how many people have left or the number of infections at the site.

“Foxconn really got it wrong,” Dong told Bloomberg. “I don’t think many people want to go back. I know I wouldn’t.”

The company said Sunday that it will not prevent workers – who share accommodation with up to 11 people – from leaving the facility.

Neither Apple nor Foxconn immediately responded to requests for comment from Insider.

Over the weekend, videos and photos Spread on Chinese social media Show workers riding rickshaws or walking along highways with their luggage.

Dong’s troubles began when she reported she had a cold in late October. After developing a 103-degree fever and falling into bed, she tried calling the staff help hotline and local hospitals, but none of her calls were answered.

And on WeChat, China’s main messaging app, a group chat with colleagues fell silent after Dong asked for help. She says she would have run out of food and medicine had her immediate supervisor not forced her colleagues to send supplies.

Dong and her brother’s 25-mile journey began at 8 a.m. a few days later. Despite the area’s lockdown, sympathetic residents left snacks and water on the highway after witnessing the unrest on social media.

They boarded the back of a truck for part of the road, before finally arriving at the assembly area set up by officials to transport Foxconn workers. Dong estimated there were about 500 workers at this point, per Bloomberg.

From there, the couple was sent to another elementary school quarantine facility, Dong said, before the siblings finally reached their hometown.

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