Disco Elysium divorced developers claim fraud at Studio ZA/UM, say ‘civil and criminal charges are on the table’

Disco Elysium divorced developers claim fraud at Studio ZA/UM, say ‘civil and criminal charges are on the table’

I predicted a little over two weeks ago ZA / uM mode will become more chaoticSo slap me in the face and call me Mystic Meg. Disco Elysium game director Robert Corvettes and art director Alexander Rostov, at least in part, offered their side of the story about why they were kicked out of Disco dev studio ZA/UM in a medium post titled “For fans of Disco Elysium, regarding the status in ZA / UMThe short answer is: they claim fraud.

Long answer: In October, Martin Luiga (one of the founding members of the ZA/UM art movement, which we must not forget is something separate from the dev studio) open That Corvitz, Rostov, and writer Helen Hindberry were all fired at the end of 2021. Now, we have Corvitz and Rostov explain the events, and they say their stake in the game is via an Estonian company called ZOOM Studio OÜ. The first investor in Zaum Studio OÜ was businessman Margus Linnamäe (Kurvitz Corporation Telomeres still has a minority stake). In 2021 Linnamäe was purchased by daughterwhich Corvettes and Rostov call a “cart” for Estonian businessmen Elmar Kombos and Tonis Havel.

Korvitz and Rostov, who say they have refrained from speaking publicly thus far due to their mental health and consideration for those still working at ZA/UM, claim that they were removed from day-to-day operations once Kompus and Haavel took over. They also claimed that they were fired within weeks of requesting documents and financial statements.

“We have now learned that Tütreke OÜ must have fraudulently obtained control of Zaum Studio OÜ. We believe that the money that Tütreke OÜ used to purchase the majority stake was illegally taken from Zaum Studio OÜ itself,” says the most surprising paragraph. in the statement.

Korvitz and Rostov also claim that this fraud was committed “with the support” of Kaur Kender (whom they only describe as “another minority contributor”, but he is also a writer who helped Korvitz in publishing the novel on which the setting of Disco Elysium is based).

It sounds like “must be” quite specific language, but it doesn’t actually say “we have proof of”, so we’re still in a wait-and-see pattern. Nor does the statement of Korvitz and Rostov refer to anything Another post submitted by Luijawhere Luiga says Korvitz was out of his ear for “allegations of ‘creating a toxic work environment'” and that he was ‘manipulated by a psychopath’.

Like I said: messy. Korvitz and Rostov say they are “in the process of reviewing our legal options. Both civil lawsuits and criminal charges are on the table – in Estonia and the UK,” something that the legal submission has confirmed at least in part. Spotted Kotaku AU. If they can’t prove fraud, and they sell Disco’s IP lock and stock…well, I guess that’s capitalism for you.

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