Gold and manipulation: The Ultimate Gold Panel with Frank Giustra and Rick Rule

Gold and manipulation: The Ultimate Gold Panel with Frank Giustra and Rick Rule

(Kitco News) – What is really driving the gold market as we talk about market manipulation? Is there a grand conspiracy to suppress the price of gold and control this money of the millennium?

Join Kitco News LIVE on YouTube on November 09, 2022 at 3:00 PM EST/12:00 AM PT to interact live with two of the biggest titans in the metals industry as they discuss market manipulation.

Renowned investor Frank Giustra, CEO of the Fiore Group, founder of Lionsgate Entertainment and special advisor to Aris Gold’s Board of Directors, said earlier this year that the price of gold has been manipulated by governments and the Federal Reserve for the past 50 years.

On the other side of this conversation is mining investor Rick Rule, former CEO of Sprott and current president of Rule Investment Media. He pointed out that central banks and governments hardly manage to keep an economy functioning properly and cannot suppress the gold market.

This panel discussion between these two leaders in the precious metals markets is moderated by Kitco Editor-in-Chief and Senior Anchor Michelle Makor.

At the same time, Giustra and Rule will also discuss the role of gold in the global economy, as consumers lose faith in reliable currencies. Global inflation is at a 40-year high and the world is approaching an international monetary crisis. Could gold be the answer to preserving wealth and protecting consumer purchasing power?

Is the world on the brink of a global monetary reset as central banks add to their gold hoards? In the third quarter, central banks bought nearly 400 tonnes of the precious metal between July and September, the largest quarterly increase on record.

Find out what all this means for your portfolio as Giustra and Rule discuss the macro economy and its impact on gold.

Submit questions about Giustra and Rule [email protected] and tune in to Kitco News this evening!

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