Google One VPN is no longer just for your phone or tablet

Google One VPN is no longer just for your phone or tablet

The company certainly seems intent on making its VPN a priority

Google seems to be hitting all the cylinders to make it happen VPN worth using. One time only for Google Fi subscribers, cloud storage owners with Google One can also flip the switch and conduct their business online more securely. However, the VPN was only worth using if you were using your phone or tablet. The company has been promising that the service will make its way to Windows and Mac at some point for several months. The good news is that the point is finally here and now.


Google One subscribers of 2TB ($10 per month) or higher already have access to a mobile VPN. But as of today, they can download a client to their device on Windows 10 and macOS 11 or later. It will be available in . format same markets 22 Whereas, VPN is already available on Android and iOS.

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Users can Expect the same overall experience that mobile apps offer With industry-standard traffic encryption and a back-end system of checks and balances it must protect its web activities. As with any Google One plan, account holders can share VPN access with up to five other people.

Download links are not published yet, but should be available from Google One When you are ready. You can also consult Google One VPN Help Page For more information, also set to be updated.

Google made it clear to Android Police that Pixel 7 owners get free VPN access for five years He’ll need an eligible Google One plan to take advantage of desktop customers as well.

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