Halo Infinite adds co-op, Forge Open Beta, mission replay in November

Halo Infinite adds co-op, Forge Open Beta, mission replay in November

343 Industries announced on Wednesday that the campaign will come with network co-op, mission replay and several other new features such as a Forge open beta and a new 30-level Battle Pass Hello Infinite as part of the game’s winter update on November 8th.

Online campaign co-op and mission replay are some of the most requested features Hello Infinite since the game first launched last December. These features will arrive in the game more than two months after it was announced that split-screen co-op – a mainstay of the series since the first Hello he wouldn’t come to his senses anymore Infinitely.

The question is how 343 Industries will implement the cooperation Hello Infinite has been persistent in the gaming community, especially considering that Infinitely represents the first semi-open world campaign in Halo compared to the series’ individual mission-based campaigns in the past.

A group of Spartans (Master Chief) fight cooperatively in a clip from Halo Infinite.

Image: 343 Industries/Xbox Game Studios

Lead campaign designer John Mulkey emphasized in the Winter Update ViDoc that the same principle extends to items such as Spartan cores, weapons, and collectibles. “So if you’ve collected the Spartan Core, say, and I haven’t, when we go to that Spartan Core [in a network co-op game], is still interactive and any of us can activate it to collect it. Those who didn’t get that Spartan Core, they understand it.” Mulkey also notes that, at the start of a Fireteam session for a network co-op campaign, all skulls – combat-specific or game-modifying collectibles – acquired by each individual player in their respective games will be available for selection.

343 Industries implemented a radius-based system when co-op players navigate the game’s semi-open outdoor world map. “We went to the biggest base we have in the game,” says Mulkey, “and then basically made it [maximum allotted space for players to be apart from one another] twice as much.” In addition, individual players will be able to skip narrative sequences without interrupting another player’s sequence; they will also be able to trigger a mission replay, fast travel to a new location, and turn off common mission markers.

Spartan soldier in yellow armor standing in front of a forest background with metal structures in the distance.

Image: 343 Industries/Xbox Game

New achievements will be included for co-op and mission replay that encourage players to go back and revisit parts of missions that were previously inaccessible prior to the mission replay feature.

All this, as well as the Forge open beta, two new official Forge maps known as Argyle and Detachment, a free 30-level Battle Pass, a new multiplayer mode called Cover 1-Flag, two upcoming multiplayer events in December and January, and Match XP will arrive Hello Infinite as part of the winter update on November 8.

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