How to cancel sending messages on iPhone

How to cancel sending messages on iPhone

How to cancel sending a message on iPhone or iPad

Have you ever sent a message from your iPhone and quickly regretted it? Or maybe you sent a message and realized it didn’t convey what you meant, was full of typos, or was even sent to the wrong person? That’s where Undo Send comes in, a feature now available on the iPhone that lets you cancel sending messages.

Undo Send allows messages to be unsent, but only for iMessages, which means this feature only works between other iOS, macOS, and iPadOS users, and there’s a time limit of 5 minutes. Additionally, it only works for users running recent system software, running at least iOS 16 or later or macOS Ventura or later. If the recipient is using Android, or an older version of iOS or macOS software, the undo send feature will not be available.

How to Undo Sending Messages on iPhone

Note: Messages can only be undo for 5 minutes after the message has been sent.

  1. Open the message you want to unsend on iPhone
  2. Press and hold on the message
  3. Choose Undo Send to withdraw the message and unsend it
  4. How to cancel sending messages on iPhone using Undo Send

The message was immediately withdrawn and not sent.

You may see a small notice that says “You didn’t send a message. (Contact name) may still see the message on devices where the software hasn’t been updated.” Which means if the person is on an older model of iPhone, the message is still sent to them, but it disappears from your side, which is a bit embarrassing. Perhaps in a future iOS release, Apple will detect this and simply not offer an undo send feature when connected to older iOS versions.

And while we cover the iPhone here with iOS 16 or later, this feature also works perfectly on iPad with iPadOS 16.1 or later as well. It’s also available on macOS Ventura, and it’s available by right-clicking on Messages, but we’ll cover that in a separate article.

Enjoy the unsend and unsend messages feature, it’s very useful!

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