how to use useless smartphone

how to use useless smartphone

Lansing, Mich. (WILX) – By now most people have an old smartphone lying around the house or left in a drawer in the kitchen. If it’s cracked, you can’t sell it for more, so what can you do with it? We once paid hundreds of dollars for a shiny new smartphone. They could explode, and the battery could be dead, but don’t throw them in the trash – dig them up and give them a second life.

Once upon a time, people spent money on iPods for music on the go. But if you have an old smartphone that you are not using, turn it into a portable music player. Delete all apps and photos and load the device with your favorite tunes from your computer.

A 16 or 32-gig phone has a lot of songs. Plug it into a USB port in your car and you have a music player that won’t stop when your new phone rings.

Older smartphones make great bedside or desktop clocks. The apps that display the time and forecast are free, and you can set an alarm just by asking.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires all smartphones to be able to call for help, even if they have no cell service. Keep one in the car or in the kitchen so kids can always call 9-1-1, even if they don’t have a smartphone.

Older smartphones also make great TV remotes. Download the app for Roku, Amazon Firestick, Google TV or Apple TV. The apps are easier to use than the remote that came with the streaming device.

You can use an old smartphone as a security camera. Download the “Alfred” app to your primary device and any older smartphone. Connect it to a power source, power it on, and you can use it as a nanny cam. You will also get a notification if it detects activity.

As long as the old phone can connect to Wi-Fi, you can use it for all these things. If not, they would make a great camera for kids or an iPod. Keep in mind that if it’s an older phone, such as an iPhone 4 or 5, you won’t be able to install new apps on it, but you can still use it as a camera for kids or as an iPod. They may not be worth anything, but they are not worthless.

If you can’t remember the passcode to unlock the phone, or if it won’t turn on or connect to Wi-Fi, you might want to recycle the phone instead of throwing it in the trash. Cellular carriers and most Best Buy stores will take used smartphones and dispose of them properly.

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