Hundreds of Hurricane Ian Survivors Denied FEMA Help After Approved

Hundreds of Hurricane Ian Survivors Denied FEMA Help After Approved

hundreds of survivors Hurricane Ian Apply for FEMA’s help. They were approved, but the money never came and no explanation was given.

Pam Johnson and her husband, who are north port Residents, in need of money, waited weeks – only to find it wasn’t going to come. The couple rode out the storm at their 22-year-old home, as the wind blew around them and got stronger.

“We had the panels coming down, we had the roof falling down,” Johnson said.

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Large holes had been made in their roof and wind and water damage can still be seen.

“There’s Styrofoam, and I have to carry Styrofoam every day, I have to pass out,” she said.

After calling his insurance adjuster, Johnson filled out an application for assistance from FEMA.

“I haven’t asked for help much, but we really needed it this time. We just needed it to get through,” she said.

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A letter came from FEMA saying they had been approved for Critical Needs Assistance for $700. They went ahead and supplied water, her husband’s insulin and the supplies to wire their roof.

“We got extra insulin, because most people don’t realize that diabetics will go up and down when a crisis strikes,” Johnson said.

Johnson and her husband waited and checked their bank account and mailbox, but nothing came. When she called FEMA on Monday, she was told $700 was not coming.

“It’s too bad you end up with something like this, but you’re going to get some kind of aid, even if it’s small, as promised by the federal government. Just a little thing means a lot.” When you’re going through a disaster. It really does,” she said.

FEMA admitted that he made a mistake. He said an error occurred and 441 people were told they would receive Critical Needs Assistance (CNA), then were denied.

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He said the funds are available only to those who are or will be currently displaced from their homes.

FEMA said in a statement:

“We are committed to meeting the needs of survivors, especially those with additional economic burdens, and are contacting each individual who has received an unfair payment to determine the best course of action for their unique situation. “

FEMA said they are now contacting those affected. Federal officials said some of these applicants (271) were subsequently qualified for CNA based on additional updates provided after they applied. FEMA will continue to monitor for any additional applicants who may eventually be eligible.

Johnson said he wouldn’t have known if he hadn’t called.

“I want others to know that they may not be getting what they were promised from FEMA,” she said.

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