Iowa organization partners to provide legal aid to Afghans

Iowa organization partners to provide legal aid to Afghans

University of Iowa College of Law Human Rights Center The Afghan Legal League of Iowa (All Iowa) is partnering with Drake University and the Iowa Migrant Movement for Justice (Iowa MMJ), a coalition that will provide legal aid to Afghan citizens in the state.

Through $1,115,000 in funding from the US Department of Health and Human Services over two years, All Iowa will help Afghan migrants who came to the United States as part of Operation Allies Welcome. In August 2021, the US airlifted thousands of Afghans fleeing the Taliban. More than 1,000 Afghan citizens arrived in Iowa under temporary conditions.

Ann Nephier, managing attorney and co-legal director in Iowa, said, “Many people don’t realize that our evacuated Afghan allies have no direct path to sustainable security in the US, which can lead to high-quality, low-cost Legal immigration services become extremely important.” MMJ, in a statement. “This funding will increase access to these much-needed services throughout Iowa.”

According to a press release, the UI College of Law Legal Clinic will represent Afghans, as well as expand clinics into communities across the state. They will help immigrants file applications such as temporary protected status, special immigrant visas and asylum.

,[The partnership] Amy Weisman, assistant director of the UI Center for Human Rights, said it will meet urgent needs and enhance and elevate the vital work of our law school clinics. She said students from UI and Drake University would participate in the “legal corps.”

UI students will be able to represent immigrants to federal agencies as well as assist in the development of pro se content, intake processes and needs assessments, and more.

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