iPhone 14 Pro lead times grow after COVID-19 outbreak at factory

iPhone 14 Pro lead times grow after COVID-19 outbreak at factory

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lead times for iPhone 14 Pro Models have increased, one tracker claims, a change that may be a byproduct of the COVID outbreak at the Foxconn plant.

In the eighth week of Apple Product Availability Tracker by analysts at JP Morgan and watch it Camelthere has been a change in the time limits for some of the iPhone 14 generation, while others seem more stable.

According to JP Morgan, both Pro models have seen their lead times extended to what they were about two weeks ago. iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max saw their times change from 24 days in week 7 to 31 days each in week 8.

It is believed that this could be a “reflection of what happened recently Outbreak linked to COVID Which led to disruptions at one of the major iPhone factories in China. “It is unusual for delivery periods to expand by such a large amount” after the equinox at this time in the release cycle.

The Pro models felt the effects greatly. By contrast, the iPhone 14 and Plus saw delivery times increase by one day, from two days in week 7 to 8 days in week 8.

The lead time for the base iPhone 14 model is shorter compared to iPhone 13but now it’s in line with the Pro and Pro Max.

On a regional basis, the iPhone 14 and Plus lead times stabilized at 3 days each, which is less favorable than the 11-day lead times for their iPhone 13 counterparts. The lead times for the Pro and Pro Max were extended to 32 days from 24 days.

In store, the iPhone 14 and Plus are available for same-day pickup, while the Pro and Pro Max are the same for nearly half of the available SKUs. Fewer SKUs were available for same-day pickup one week prior.

It’s a similar time story in China, where the pros went from 22 days to 29 days. However, even though the iPhone 14 saw a drop from 4 days to 2 days, the Plus saw a long time from 1 to 2 days.

In Europe, German deliveries of the iPhone 14 and Plus were tracked in 5 days, up from one day last week, while the UK delivery time remained at one day. The lead time for Pro models has also been extended to 34 days from 26 days in Germany, and to 29 days from 22 days in the UK.

second generation AirPods Pro It is said that the deadline is two days.

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