LG receives Zoom certification for One: Quick Works device

LG receives Zoom certification for One: Quick Works device

LG has revealed that the LG One: Quick Works is the company’s first device to secure the Zoom Room hardware certification.

The 55-inch, all-in-one video conferencing display is designed to power a complete video conferencing solution in one device.

The device combines a large 10-point multi-touch 4K monitor with a high-quality microphone and a 4K camera that tracks and focuses on the current speaker during a meeting.

Tom Carroll, Director of Sales at LG Business SolutionsTold:

“One: Quick Works is an all-in-one solution that simplifies virtual collaboration and presentations, and the new Zoom Room hardware certification enables integrators and end users to be confident that Zoom and LG capabilities are fully integrated. has been optimized.

“It gives LG end users, resellers and integrators a powerful tool that helps eliminate software conflicts and ambiguity while providing end users with a streamlined meeting and conferencing experience.”

According to LG, One:Quick Works can instantly transform small conference or meeting rooms into professional-grade virtual collaboration spaces.

The device’s friendly interface and pre-installed Zoom meeting software allow users to quickly host video calls, share screens, annotate screens, and make connections.

The LG One: Quick Works also features a built-in Windows PC, 4K UHD camera, microphone, speakers, and a digital whiteboard making it ideal for any conference space.

Users can also use One:Quick Remote Meeting to access shortcuts to install popular video conferencing and collaboration apps.

Eric Yu, Head of Hardware Partnerships at ZoomAdded: “LG customers can rest assured that this hardware meets Zoom’s standards of providing a high-quality communication experience.”

Anyone interested in the LG One:Quick Works device can inquire for a price through the LG Business Solutions website.

Zoom has recently awarded Zoom Room Hardware Certification for sure For its MXA920 ceiling microphone and Intellimix Room audio software.

According to the audio equipment manufacturer, both devices are certified for use when paired with a Shure Microflex MXN5W-C networked loudspeaker.

The devices are designed for a hybrid working and learning environment.

In October, Zoom certified For Poly Your Poly Edge E Series Desk Phone,

The desk phone series is primarily designed for hybrid working, whether at home or in the office.

The Edge E Series features high-quality audio, Poly’s Acoustic Fence, and NoiseBlockAI technologies to remove unwanted background noise. It also has Bluetooth functionality, which lets users pair their headsets with it.

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