Linux 6.1-rc2 released: it’s “unusually large”

Linux 6.1-rc2 released: it’s “unusually large”

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Linus Torvalds just released a Linux 6.1-rc2 kernel, which he described as “unusually large” at the start of a quiet week.

Linux 6.1-rc2 ended up being much larger than usual due to some media subsystem feature textures not being inadvertently pulled during the merging window. But because the code was in Linux-next and it was a Git bug, Linus Torvalds pulled the rest of the media subsystem updates this week.

Plus there are many other fixes that are fixed in Linux 6.1-rc2 like Change AMD CPU microcode load per thread And many other repercussions now being addressed that more developers and testers have tried this new thing Linux 6.1 cipher.

“Okay. RC2 is usually a pretty uneventful week, and it mostly started that way too, but then things took a weird turn. The bottom line: 6.1-rc2 ended up being extraordinarily large.”

More of Linus Torvalds’ comment on the 6.1-rc2 can be read on his site release announcement.

see my Linux 6.1 Features Overview Learn more about all the big changes coming with this kernel, which will likely end up being this year’s Long-Term Support (LTS) kernel series once it debuts as stable in December.

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