Medieval II – Kingdoms is the ultimate Total War experience on mobile

Medieval II – Kingdoms is the ultimate Total War experience on mobile

Total War: Medieval II offers players large-scale battles Across Europe during the Middle Ages, including factions from England to Egypt. It is one of the Best mobile strategy gamesToday’s edition of Kingdoms Expansion takes the experience to new heights. By adding 24 playable factions along with four stand-alone campaigns, it’s absolutely worth it for anyone who enjoys the base game. We’ve got our hands on this latest expansion to see it in action.


Arguably the most significant inclusion of kingdom expansion is the addition of four new campaigns. These are tighter, region-specific campaigns that focus on medieval hotspots rather than the broad coverage found in the initial campaign.

The first campaign, Americas, is the original mode of access. Pissing Mesoamerican nations, including the Aztecs and Mayas, against Spanish conquistadors and each other, this campaign introduces players to the stark technological differences between the factions in Medieval II. Don’t worry, it’s a balanced experience for all parties.

Medieval campaign selector

The other three campaigns, Britannia, Crusades, and Teutonic, zoom in on the areas of the base campaign map. Within these modes, players can wage war for control of the British Isles, the Holy Land, and the Holy Roman Empire. The factions and added details of each new campaign add depth that the main campaign lacks, although it does tend to be a bit repetitive. If you have a favorite faction from the base campaign, these new additions are perfect for exploring your favorite factions in greater depth.

Feral Interactive (the studio that brought Total War: Medieval II to mobile) added a new campaign selector before the main menu to accommodate the new expansion. Although included as a single in-game purchase, each campaign is downloaded separately, which comes in handy if you want to. Running out of space on your phone. The total download size for the expansion is 7.65 GB, which is a huge addition to the 4.3 GB of the base game.

I tested the expansion on the Pixel 7 Pro and ROG Phone 6 Pro. Pixel 7 is supported, ROG 6 is not (A full list can be found on the Feral website), but I haven’t had any issues with either device during normal gameplay. However, opening the Game Dashboard on the Pixel 7 Pro can sometimes cause the game to crash. Both titles were kept at a steady 30 frames per second, and campaigns loaded quickly.

Medieval campaign map

Those who haven’t tried a Feral’s Total War port on mobile may be skeptical of how the touchscreen controls handle, but they’re praised for adapting keyboard and mouse controls to the small screen. Experience The best on an Android tabletNo amount of clever UI design can avoid screen clutter, but those with a larger Android phone will have no problem playing the game. You can also connect a keyboard and mouse, although there is no official support for the Chromebook.

While I was playing Port of Rome Portable: Total War in 2018, I skipped Medieval II when it was released earlier this year. After picking up the Kingdoms expansion, I can’t recommend it enough to those who skipped the base game as well. While the touch controls are more or less the same in Rome: Total War, Feral has improved them for both the campaign and the battle. User interface elements have been reorganized to facilitate campaign map management, and quick unit selection and automatic battle slowdown for complex commands make managing units in battle easier. Add a wealth of Kingdoms expansion content, and you’ll have a smooth Total War mobile experience This will last you for weeks.

2- Medieval battle

Overall, Total War: Medieval II – Kingdoms is a must for fans of the original game. Available for $6.99 via in-app purchase, bringing the bundle total to $22.98. It’s a reasonable price, but we can’t help but totally recommend it to newcomers to the franchise if you’re using an Android tablet. Feral has done its best to make it a mobile-friendly experience, but Total War is best experienced on a big screen. If you already own the base game, this is one of the best purchases you can make right now.

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