Modder cuts the XBox360 motherboard in half to make a portable (and still works!)

Modder cuts the XBox360 motherboard in half to make a portable (and still works!)

Youtuber Millomaker has been on a long journey to create a portable version of the XBOX 360. Among other things, the process involves cutting the console’s motherboard into pieces, and the repairman is getting close to the size of a Nintendo Switch. Check out the (absolutely awesome) video below.

Converting old consoles to portable versions of themselves is a common challenge among tech-savvy people, and there are plenty of diagrams online that show you how to do it for example NES or SNES. But doing this on the newer generations has been a very big challenge.

Millomaker started working on a portable design for the XBox 360 about 7 months ago. Many motherboards have been killed by this madman in the name of console miniaturization.

But it is a very interesting process to watch. In his latest video (below) he shows how he managed to cut out the motherboard further, convert components for more efficient use of space, and connect the result to a portable HDMI display. His previous videos showed the entire project design, replacing the normal AC input with a battery.

The current result looks small enough that it can fit into a Nintendo Switch (thick). The YouTuber stated that he will then work on integrating the console into the portable design, finding a more compact way to cool the motherboard.

Mini Motherboard Size Comparison vs Original XBox360

The whole process is in the video below:

If you like this brand of motherboard torture, you can also check out The same type of abuse applies to Sega Saturn.

source: Through the logic of the sunrise

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