Musk has delayed the relaunch of Twitter’s paid service | technology

Musk has delayed the relaunch of Twitter’s paid service | technology

Tesla’s CEO says he’s delaying the relaunch of the subscription service for two weeks to make sure it’s “rocky.”

Elon Musk has delayed the relaunch of his paid subscription service for Twitter as billionaires review the platform’s verification policies, which has led to an explosion in fraudulent accounts.

Tesla’s CEO, who has taken Twitter by storm since buying the platform last month for $44 billion, said he would delay the launch by two weeks to make sure it was “rocky.”

“Blue Verified restart to make sure it’s going strong until November 29th,” Musk tweeted on Tuesday.

The move comes as Musk’s decision to offer Twitter’s blue brand to any user for $7.99 a month sparked a flurry of copycat accounts. including fake profiles of former United States President Donald Trump and NBA star LeBron James.

Last week Twitter canceled its new subscription service and applied gray “official” badges to the profiles of public figures and large companies in an attempt to clear up confusion and misinformation on the platform.

Musk tweeted on Tuesday that according to the relaunched subscription service, “changing your verified name will result in the loss of the check mark until Twitter verifies the name to meet the Terms of Service.”

Twitter’s original verification system offered a free mark to authenticated celebrity users and accounts deemed to be in the public interest.

Musk criticized the checkmark policy introduced to prevent accounts from impersonating public figures as a “gentleman and peasant system”.

Twitter’s latest plans come after a chaotic shake-up at the social media giant, marked by mass layoffs, high-profile resignations and runaway advertisers.

Major companies, including General Motors, Audi, General Mills and United Airlines, have removed or suspended advertising on Twitter amid concerns about the future of Musk’s platform.

Speaking at a G20 business forum on Monday, Musk says he’s had “too much work on my plate” Ever since he took to Twitter and doubted that most people wanted to be him.

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